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2022 Trend Scorecard & Predictions for 2023

From plant-based products to evolving exotic flavors, 2022 was a big year for food and ingredients. Which trends stood out, and which will continue to have an impact in 2023? Download the latest report from Bluegrass Ingredients to learn:

  • How top food manufacturing trend predictions played out in 2022
  • Which trends are poised to shape the year to come 
  • How food manufacturers can harness these trends to enhance their offerings

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The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass is a product development center and resource hub for acting on ever-evolving consumer food trends in close collaboration with leading food manufacturers. The Agile Kitchen at Bluegrass exists as a physical space and a digital solution, advancing the company’s commitment to understanding ingredient trends and market opportunities, a cornerstone of its Agile Ingredient Innovation® service model.

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